Your garage door is something that you likely do not think about a lot. You simply expect it to open or close when needed. However, as your garage door is used, parts start to wear, and you can find yourself in need of garage door repairs. A garage door repair company can help you repair your door. Here are three of the most common repairs that garage doors may need during their lifetime.

1. Torsion Spring Replacement

One of the most common repairs that you may need to complete on your garage door is a torsion spring replacement. According to Garage Door Guide, the average life of a garage torsion spring ranges from nine to 10 years. The torsion springs help to support the weight of the heavy garage door, contracting and extending as the door is opened and closed. Over time, the spring can lose its elasticity or snap. When this happens, your garage door may not open or close until the spring is replaced.

2. Garage Door Motor Repairs

Another one of the most common garage door repairs that you may need is repairs to the motor on your garage door opener. Most people have electric garage door openers. As the opener is used, the motor can start to wear. You may hear the motor making unusual noises, you may notice the door is slower to open or close, or the door may not open or close, depending on the type of repair that is needed.

3. Track Repairs or Replacement

The final type of repair you may need to your garage door is repairs to the track system. This may include repairs or replacement. Your track system may need to be repaired if it is rusted, bent, dinged, or dented. It may need to be replaced if a dent is large or there is a large amount of rust present that has weakened the metal tracks. Regularly cleaning the tracks and lubricating the tracks and wheels can help to minimize your chances of needing garage door track repairs or replacement.

Torsion spring replacement, garage door motor repair, and track repair and replacement are three of the most common repairs that your garage door may need. If your garage door is making unusual noises, is not opening or closing, or is not opening or closing at the speed you are used to, you may be in need of garage door repairs. Reach out to our garage door repair company at Overdoors of Florida to schedule an appointment for a garage door assessment to determine what may be wrong with your door.