The last thing you need to deal with on a busy morning is not being able to leave your garage because the door won’t open. However, that’s a reality for many people. This is often because people wait too long to replace their garage door. Keep an eye out for these signs that it’s time to replace your garage door to ensure that you never wind up stuck in your garage.

Visible Signs of Rust

If your garage door is rusting, this is a surefire sign that it’s time for a new one. Rust will continue to spread, causing more damage to the door. Eventually, it can spread to the tracks that the door operates on, leading to more costly garage door repairs. This will also result in your garage door not opening or closing properly, leaving your car stuck in the garage until you get a new door or wrenching the door open.

Massive Dents

Homeowners usually don’t need to replace a garage door if there is a small dent in the center of the door. However, large dents call for a replacement rather than garage door repairs. Larger dents tend to put more pressure on the door’s moving parts because the door no longer fits properly on the track. This leads to significant wear and tear and can result in the door suddenly going out. It’s best to invest in a new door to prevent future inconveniences.

The Door No Longer Works

Sometimes, you don’t notice you need garage door repairs until it’s too late. This is common if you don’t know to inspect the moving parts, the door, and the track itself. However, once it gets to the point that the door will no longer work properly, it’s time to invest in a new one. A new garage door will come with everything you need to ensure that your door opens and closes properly.

Purchasing a new garage door at the first signs of damage is the best way to ensure that you always have a door that works properly. According to IBIS World, there are only about 172 garage door installation businesses nationwide as of 2023. That means you’ll want to get ahold of one as soon as possible to ensure you have a new door before the old one goes out. Contact Overdoors of Florida today so that we can help you find the perfect garage door to meet your needs!