A roll up door is a type of door that is hinged on one side and rolls up into the ceiling. Roll up doors are typically used for industrial buildings, warehouses, factories, garages, or loading docks with high traffic and limited space. While these types of overhead doors are very convenient because they can be rolled up to save space when not in use, some people experience problems with them, such as not closing all the way correctly, which leads to air leaks or other issues. Depending on how severe the problem is, you might need rolling door repairs.

Here are reasons why your roll up door might not close properly.

The Door Wasn’t Installed Properly

If the roll up door you installed was not made by a company specializing in rolling doors, the instructions might have been incorrect. Roll up doors are typically very complicated to install and require two or more people to get right. If you hired an amateur to help put up your door, this could be why it’s not properly closing.

Even if the original door was installed correctly, there is still a risk of malfunction because environmental conditions can change over time. For example, if your warehouse or building shifts and moves more than normal over time, this could loosen screws or other components that hold the door in place. Contact a rolling door repair services provider as soon as you notice your door is not working properly.

The Door Is Bent Out of Shape

Another issue that could be causing your roll up door to not work properly is that the track on which it moves might be bent or warped somehow. If you touch the door and notice a small dip in one area, this could mean that something has bent the door out of shape.

This problem tends to develop over time if someone hits the door and causes it to bend slightly. Over time, those minor bends add up, as do other factors such as corrosion and rusting. Bringing in a rolling door repairs professional who can examine your door frame closely will help determine whether or not it can be fixed.

The Door Hasn’t Been Lubricated Recently

Roll ups tend to squeak when they’re opened or closed due to dry hinges, making lubrication necessary depending on how often you use them. Make sure that you’ve been applying lubricant regularly because your roll up door will begin to show signs of rusting without it, which will make it difficult for the door to open and close.

You’re Using the Wrong Type of Lubricant

When rolling up your door, make sure that you’re using a lubricant designed specifically for rolling doors because other types can cause damage to the rolling system or may not work effectively. Most overhead door companies offer rolling door lubricant with their installation packages, so talk to them if you’ve been having trouble keeping your roll up properly lubricated.

It Wasn’t Designed for Your Space

If you have had your rolling door installed for some time and it still isn’t rolling right, your rolling door may not fit the height of your building correctly due to the difference between imperial and metric units. This can be corrected by cutting down one or both sides of the rolling door frame. However, this should ideally be done by a rolling door repairs company.

Your Door Is Old, Rusty, or Has Corrosion Buildup

Suppose your roll up door has been in operation for a very long time or hasn’t been maintained properly. In that case, there is still a possibility that it won’t work correctly anymore, even if other environmental factors aren’t affecting it.

Get the Right Rolling Door Repairs

It’s important to take the initiative and contact a company like Overdoors of Florida, which can inspect your door and determine whether you need repairs to keep things running smoothly. If these aren’t completed quickly, there is a risk of further damage occurring that could cause even more issues for you in the future.